Thursday, March 27, 2014

Phone Culture and Groupings

Lately, I believe everyone has noticed that people go on their phone all the time.  Whether it's because they are bored, they are expecting something, someone is expecting something of them, something is happening, all of it is combined to form this amalgam of added pressure to check and reassure oneself using their phone.   In many cases, it's a reassurance of being part of a collective that forces oneself to check their phone/smart-phone on the daily.  However, if you are already part of a collective, there is a moment of slight awkwardness when you check your phone during an outing with a group of friends.  Especially at a bar, it is quite the embarrassment and quite a show of disregard because it proves that whatever conversation or happening on text is more important than the physical being.  One bar decided to try to end that streak by creating a pint glass that has a small divot on the bottom side of the glass that enables one to insert his/her phone into it.  Thereby, the phone acts as a third stool leg so that the glass does not tip over.  Of course, they literally carve the divot into the glass, so I believe they only wish to attack Iphone users as though android users are immaculate in their usage of their phone, but I digress.   The idea is this, the brewing company is trying to reassure that the customer is reassured by the people around, and break away from this need to be wound up with their phone.  I believe its a good step, a very shallow and unconvincing step, but a slight breach towards a culture that needs to recognize community no totally through technology but by necessary human interaction.  I know that greensandmachines might have a disagreement with it, but I still believe it is a worthy addition.

Those are my thoughts anyhow.

I hope you all have a great day.

P.S.: This the glass article.

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